About Datasafe Security Shredding


You clicked on the About Us tab so be prepared.

We are not shy, and since you asked about us we will give you the full, shameless, self-promoting pitch. Along the way you may detect some very subtle subliminal messages from our clients telling you just how good we are at what we do.

Remember, they are designed to be subliminal so if you spot them, it just means that you are a wise person with amazing perception…

“You guys are great! Very professional.  [The drivers] are excellent!”   

With the serious hat on for a moment, we take security dead serious although our approach is to inform and also make it enjoyable for you, dear reader.

Security Experience and Background

Datasafe was started in 1990 by Rick Carey, an experienced hand at security and law enforcement.

While young and innocent, Rick completed the criminal justice program at Northeastern University and after a short five years finally took heed of where those Husky’s go.

Before starting a career in corporate America, Rick worked at the Drug Enforcement Administration and the IRS internal affairs department. Imagine the popularity of that job, name me one person that likes the IRS and then imagine being in a job where even the entire IRS hates you also. Talk about needing a tough skin.

Immediately prior to starting Datasafe, Rick was a Special Projects Administrator in the corporate security department of Fidelity Investments in Boston MA. Without too much delay, the position received the unofficial title of SPAM.

“Datasafe was helpful and returned my call right away!”

While working at Fidelity, Rick was responsible for all those odd ball problems in which the other corporate career builders were simply not interested Since Rick was always a bit of a contrarian (read renegade), the special projects area was a natural fit. Making it to the Reindeer games each fall was not on the top of Rick’s professional goals.

One of his more interesting assignments was to develop a program to eliminate the dumpster diving that was going on at Fidelity. Rick embarked on a two year sojourn of learning about destroying things which culminated in designing a program for Fidelity that collected, transported and securely destroyed over 100 Tons of sensitive material a month.

At Rick’s six year anniversary, he decided to fulfill his longtime ambition to seek fame and fortune and started his own business, Datasafe.

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So, if you are a small to medium business looking for the utmost in service, security, and response: by all means give us a call. We think we will pleasantly shock the heck out of you with our approach and delivery to service.

If on the other hand, you like endless voice mails, being known as number 43808SU, or getting aggravated by the very people whose salary you pay, you should probably stay away from us.